Monday, 28 December 2009

day 180- the missing 7 years and the long journey to the cave

Having received such an overwhelming response for the 'Missing 7 years journey to the Cave' entry below, I want to clear a few points, as I fear we might end up with a misplaced canonization of miss monteiro, and I have no inclination whatsoever to dish out holy water.
Although I was very touched by the posts, messages and emails received, each one a brandy-fondant filled with niceness, I was a little concerned that some of the heavier emails were just a little out of proportion.

1 - Whatever I did, it was solely driven by the desire to carry on doing what I enjoy in life. It was hardly altruistic, although it is nice that a small amount of good spilled into other people's lives.
2 - I've had a very privileged upbringing back in Brazil, and my life in the UK has, by and large, been a cool and easy ride. That I had to endure some hardship over the past few years, more than makes up for the blindingly beautiful life I've lived so far. At any point I could have taken the plane back home. I chose not to.

3 - Everyone keeps wishing me success. Lovely. But my kind of happiness could never be measured up in digital indie-sales.
The cave is far out and way beyond that.
So whether the next chapters will be big or small, I cannot tell and dare I say, I could not care, for size, in this instance, is irrelevant, for its value has already been set in deep aquamarine.
4 - So, in sum, monteiro not a little saint, I'm affraid, and more like an unwrapped little sinner, albeit a reasonably nice one - sometimes.
Lady Monteiro of Kew


graeme900 said...

unwrapped little sinner? sounds like a great album name to me (especially if given or received as a present).

Danno said...

Someday, if you ever make it to the states again, please let us help you book a show in Milwaukee, we can help with some arrangements, you do have more fans here than you might think. Saw you guys @ the Alley in London Dec 99 and when you were touring in Milw & Chicago on White Magic for Lovers for Roadrunner -- great shows! Wonderful to see you are still working at the music and in one piece after all this.